Monday, May 05, 2014

How to increase your Google adsense revenue

A while ago I added adsense to another blog of mine, and thought it might be helpful for me to give some tips on how to increase your adsense revenue by explaining some basic mistakes I myself made and have now learnt from.

Firstly I will create a few quick tips on how to increase the traffic to your blog, especially if like me you are using the free blog site blogger. For, without traffic you will never make any money from adsense as you are only paid if someone clicks on the adverts. If your site already receives a good amount of traffic and you feel you do not need to improve this skip on to later in this post. If, however, you wish to improve your traffic to your blog her are a few tips if you are using blogger:

1)Go into your settings and ping – this is a simple service that tells blogger to notify every time you update your blog. This means that your blog will be listed in their websites recently updated list which is extra publicity for your blog.

2)Install E-mail this post – This allows people to send your post to other people this will not have an immediate effect on the amount of people who come to your blog but over time more and more people will become aware of your blog so this allows others to publicize your blog for you.

3)Add your blog to blogger’s listings – Now this is an obvious one but many people turn this setting off when they start and forget to turn it back on. This is simple added publicity whenever you update your blog it will appear in the recently updated section on blogger and it can appear when someone clicks on next blog on the navbar. This is just a free access to traffic.

4)Turn on your site feed – Allowing people to subscribe to your site feed, you are practically guaranteeing yourself repeat readers as if someone is subscribing to your blog they definitely want to read what you have to post.

5)Be an active commenter – If you comment on someone else’s blog and leave a link to your own blog on the comment then you can be pretty sure that they are going to click on your link to return the favour. So the more blogs you comment on the more people will look at your blog.

Of coarse these techniques will only work if you have a good blog with interesting, easy to read context. Here are some suggestions to improving your blog so when people go on your blog once they will want to keep on returning:

1)Write quality content - Nowadays readers want posts on blogs to have proper punctuation, correct grammar and spellings. You need to have some respect for your readers and accept that bad spelling and grammar is very unattractive in a blog.

2)Keep your posts short and sweet – No one wants to spend hours reading a post that is practically an essay they want all the information in a sizeable chunk. You want your readers to be able to pop in read up and click on. Another way to make readers happier to read your posts is by keeping your paragraphs short so readers can read a paragraph and if they need to do something else come back and pick up where they left off.

3)Publish regularly – People will only keep on returning to your blog if they think there will be something new on there when they do. So if you stop publishing new posts they will stop reading your blog and start reading someone else’s.

Now the last thing I recommend is to join Technorati this website is a blogger’s best friend, it is one of the best providers of traffic to blogs. Technorati makes your blog much easier to find when people search by Technorati tags. Technorati is also a large blog ranking engine it will rank your blog by the number of links to your blog from various websites. The higher your rank the easier your blog is to find when people search for things and a higher rank gives your blog greater credibility in Technorati which will improve your traffic. So if you haven’t signed up to this website do and then claim your blog.

I am now going to assume that you have used all the tips above or you already had a fairly decent traffic and have or are about to add Google adsense to your blog and want to know some tips to improving your revenue/income from Google adsense. So here they are:

1)Simple mistake – Nearly everyone who first uses Google Adsense makes this mistake including me, which is to simply put the box with the Google adverts in at the very top of the page and expect people to start clicking. But my own research and that of many other bloggers shows that people do not look at the very top of the page as their eyes quickly scan for the start of the real content meaning a large percentage of your traffic will not even see your ads. So instead you should put the ads somewhere nearer the content of your page maybe even halfway through a post so readers not only look at the ads but also see them when they are useful to them.

2)Blending Ads – In the old days we used to think the best way for an ad to get clicked on is for it to stand out like a sore thumb forcing you to look at it. But, nowadays, readers have got used to seeing these ads and simply ignore them so you need to change your ads from being something that stands out to something that blends in with the rest of the blog, readers will then see the ads as helpful links not annoying adverts. This is very simple to do with Google adsense so try experimenting with the colour of the adsense boxes and borders. You may see a dramatic increase in the number of clicks with a certain colour but this colour will be different with every blog.

3)Content is key – As you may or may not be aware Google adsense works by crawling around your blog and working out what ads are most suited to your blog. So if you have a very specific content then Google adsense can provide very specific ads and as everyone who goes on your blog will be interested in that topic they will be interested in the ads so therefore you will get a higher click rate and therefore a larger revenue from your traffic.

4)Size of the Google adsense boxes – This may seem trivial but trust me it can have a huge impact on your revenue, whenever possible use wide ad boxes as these are easier on the eye as we naturally read across the page so the brain is happier to digest the ads which to you means more people seeing and reading your ads. Of course only use wider ads if you have the space as its better to have a thinner ad box than no ad box, but if you have the choice between a wide and short ad box or a thin and tall ad box then always choose the wide option.

5)Google adsense has expanded – Don’t just go for the simple Google adsense text ads you can now have image ads and even video ads. So test these and see if they are more effective and increase your revenue if they don’t then just switch back. You can also add a Google search bar on your blog and refer people to Google products all of these will earn you extra revenue so try them and see if they work for you.

So there you are you now know when to blend your ads amidst content so readers see them as useful links instead of annoying adverts, to use wider advert boxes whenever possible and to experiment with the colour of your ads and the borders. But most of all I recommend you mess around with it now and again and experiment until you find what is right for you blog. I hope you found this post interesting and you will use it to increase your revenue/income if you already have Google adsense or as a help to where to position your ads when you do join Google adsense as you want to make some profit from your blog. So go on make money from your blog. I hope you found this google adsense guide helpful, if you did please leave a comment.

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